Thanks to a friend’s garden. #peppers


“People waste way too much energy taking things personally. That Facebook post is probably not about you. It was probably an accident that you weren’t tagged in that picture. And the person you’re dating is probably acting sad because that’s how they respond to setbacks at work, not because of anything you did.”

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Tea condiments.


For Hunter S. Thompson's birthday, his wonderfully wise letter of life-advice at age twenty.


Art on your sleeve: Classic works of art reinvented as classic album covers, Christophe Gowans

  1. Duchamp
  2. Venus de Milo
  3. Munch
  4. Magritte
  5. Vermeer
  6. Da Vinci
  7. Van Gogh
  8. Van Gogh
  9. Sir Henry Raeburn
  10. Franz Kline

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I do miss it.

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Hello followers. I am hoping to attain some advice or insight on how to find film for a specific camera.

The camera:
a Supercolor 635CL Polaroid

I have searched heavily, and with no luck. May Thor be with you and your search. Thank you for your assistance.

Oh how I wish for rain

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A bit of redecorating.

#mugshotmonday #creationofAdam

#WHPmirrormirror our Galileo thermometer against our owl mirror. Fun while decorating the new place.

#cigars are the only thing that have helped my congestion.