Dear Judy,

I am a girl in seventh grade and I have a funny feeling about one of my teachers. I am afraid I might be in love with her or something. My friend says she feels that way about her cousin. I’ll bet a lot of girls — and boys — feel this way. Could you please write a book about it?

Thank you.

P.S. You don’t have to. Maybe it is only me who feels this way.

Children’s disarming and poignant letters to Judy Blume about being gay, and her advice (via explore-blog)

Shake it - a modern Polaroid love story


Shake It: A Modern Polaroid Love Story – wonderful radio documentary about our connection with instant photos, featuring Christopher Bonanos, author of the fantastic Instant: The Story of Polaroid., who discusses the many parallels between Polaroid founder Edwin Land and Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Pair with Susan Sontag on how photography enabled “aesthetic consumerism.” 

Dat baked salmon though. @kylemadeapicture can f**king cook.

Pretty weeds in my yard.

Streaming Color Alluvial Rug Early Purples Awash In Color



The Good Badlands by Guy Tal.

“These arid places of clay and shale are the backdrop to harsh, desolate, and infinitely beautiful places. Few hardy plants manage to eke a living here and trees only thrive along scant waterways cutting through the parched landscape. On rare years, wildflowers burst into stunning display of color, transforming the desert into a veritable garden for but few precious days. This area is also coveted for off-road motorized travel, in many places despite legal closures to protect the fragile ecosystem. This is a place where humans always struggled, yet always fought for.”

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Shit is starting to bloom. #spring #blossoms

That rosemary, lemon green tea tho.

Steep green tea in typical mug for three minutes. After your tea is finished steeping, add one heaping teaspoon of your preferred sweetener. Pour hot, sweetened tea over a cup full of ice. Add lemon slice and rosemary for added freshness. Enjoy. I try to at least twice a day, so much energy.


masahiko ichino

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Skirt print for the day.


The little-known art of Zelda Fitzgerald – pictured here, her painting of springtime at Washington Square Park.

That color palette tho. #recycling


Long island iced tea, in an adorable globe glass. #cocktails

Work isn’t all that bad. #finerthings #cigars #theleaf